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Summer Series classes

9th July 2018

Our classes run to the school term dates, which means that our regular classes won’t be running during the summer holidays (Tuesday 24th July – Monday 10th September). We’re aware that many of our clients (and non-clients!) don’t necessarily go away during the summer holidays and are keen to continue with their Pilates practice during this time. We’re therefore… [Read More]

Fed up of aches and pains? I get it…

17th April 2018

Do you ever feel like bursting into tears because you just don’t want to be in pain any more? You’ve been struggling with it for weeks, months, years on end, seemingly persistently, and you simply want rid of it now. You’ve tried everything under the sun, spent thousands on medical and holistic treatments that simply… [Read More]

How you’ve been lied to for all these years…

11th April 2018

Have you ever been told that pulling your shoulders back and down will improve your posture? Well let me tell you now, it’s one of the biggest lies you’ve ever been told! If you’re in a position to do so, try pulling your shoulders back and down now. Tell me, what happens to your chest when you… [Read More]

Pilates and Gardening

29th March 2018

And BOOM! That was when you knew you’d done yourself a mischief… A classic spring/summer scenario Its mid-May. The clocks went forward a couple of months ago. The days are longer, the evenings are brighter and the days are milder. You wake up one Saturday morning to glorious sunshine and blue skies and decide that… [Read More]

Easter Newsletter 2018

22nd March 2018

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Charity Coffee Morning newsletter

12th March 2018

Click on the image for more information about our Charity Coffee Morning and how we chose our two charities: Beat, the eating disorders charity and Breast Cancer Care.  

Jessica Pilates Charity Coffee Morning

On Saturday 7th April we are hosting a charity coffee morning at Miles Green Farm in Bisley. The idea is to develop a community feel amongst our clients and others whilst raising money for two great causes – Breast Cancer Care and Beat, the UK’s Eating Disorders charity; two charities very close to our hearts.… [Read More]

February Newsletter

7th February 2018

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Christmas Newsletter

11th December 2017

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New Instructors, Classes & Courses

4th December 2017