The Team

The Team

Nikki Hey

Nikki Hey is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor from Johannesburg. She’s been teaching Pilates for many years. When she lived in South Africa, her main focus was teaching private sessions from her home studio. Since moving to the UK in early 2016, she’s started teaching a large number of group classes including 2 for Jessica Pilates in Frimley on a Monday morning.

Nikki comes from a very active and sporting family background. Her parents were sports people and her eldest sister a professional ballet dancer. Nikki did everything from gymnastics to cricket but had a true passion for running/sprinting. Unfortunately, this resulted in a recurring knee injury, which is what led her to Pilates. Nikki was amazed at how beneficial she found Pilates to be, not only for her knee but also her entire body!

Nikki has a true passion for helping people out of pain. She’s a lively and vibrant character who makes her classes both challenging and fun. With a lot of experience in 1:1 work, she has a keen eye for detail and is very hands on, ensuring that all the clients in her class are performing the exercises correctly. Nikki’s witty humour certainly adds to her abdominal workouts!

Coleena Reid

Coleena started practising Pilates to help her recover from a serious back injury and chronic lower back pain. She immediately recognised that the focus on posture, core stability and alignment were the key to her recovery and she now enjoys an active life free from back pain. Coleena was so impressed by the way in which Pilates improved her health and lifestyle that she decided to train as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates so that she could share the benefits with others.

In her classes Coleena likes to focus on moving safely with good alignment whilst building and maintaining good core strength, stability and flexibility. She encourages her clients to work hard and guides them through some of the more challenging exercises, as and when they’re ready to do so, whilst keeping them smiling!

Coleena has recently returned to her home in East Horsley after 12 years working in Qatar and is delighted to have joined the team at Jessica Pilates.

Lydia Farrant

Lydia is a Pilates instructor who lives and works in Surrey. In 2012, having suffered from neck and back pain for a number of years, she started practicing Pilates as a way of strengthening her body in order to relieve her aches and pains. Having seen first hand the positive pain-relieving effects of Pilates, Lydia developed an interest in being able to assist others in rehabilitating their injuries through Pilates.

Lydia started her Pilates Diploma in 2017 with Future Fit. To further diversify her skills, Lydia is currently studying Orthopaedics and Nutrition. Lydia is passionate about helping people have a healthy relationship with exercise, strengthening and toning their body in an effective way whilst taking the time to centre and relax.

Outside of her passion for Pilates, Lydia is incredibly creative – she’s a professional actress, keen artist and photographer. Lydia has been working as an actress for the last 7 years and as a result, has extensively studied physicality and presence of mind, both of which contribute to her unique style of teaching Pilates.

Steph Strath

Steph is a Michael King trained Pilates instructor who was first introduced to Pilates after suffering from back pain in her early twenties. With a strong motivation to take back control over her body, she witnessed first-hand the benefits regular Pilates practice can bring both mentally and physically. Having always had a sense that full-time office work wasn’t for her long-term, Steph was fortunate enough to take on a part-time role in her work as a Scientific Advisor. This now gives her time to teach Pilates classes and private sessions.

Steph believes that her Biology degree and medical related work experience enhance her Pilates practice. Her keen thirst for knowledge also means her teaching is constantly evolving. Having trained under the Michael King method with its strong lineage back to Joseph Pilates, Steph’s focus is on quality of movement and making sure people walk out of her classes standing taller and feeling ten times better than they did when they first walked in.

Given her passion for connecting with people and helping them live a happy and healthy life, Steph is a perfect fit for Jessica Pilates.

Liesel Gaumann

Liesel was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and moved to the UK in 2017. Having spent many years training in athletics and classical ballet, she has always understood the importance of remaining fit and active. Her passion for Pilates began early on as it supplemented her activities and helped her improve her strength, stamina and flexibility.

After gaining a degree in Psychology, Liesel went on to work in a corporate environment for a number of years. Unfortunately, however, this made it much more challenging for her to take care of her body. Sitting for extended periods and having limited time for exercise lead to a loss of strength and the onset of lower back and knee pain. Turning once again to Pilates not only served to improve Liesel’s symptoms but also her quality of life. Because of this Liesel was inspired to train as a Pilates instructor with HFE so that she could share with others the life changing benefits Pilates can offer and that she has experienced firsthand.

Liesel has a calm, empathetic teaching style, making sure each class is varied and tailored to individual needs. She believes strongly that loving what you do is key to success and so ensures that her classes are not only detail-oriented but also a lot of fun!

Jen Holtzhausen

Jen, also from South Africa, has always led a very active lifestyle and was involved in swimming and hockey at school. She began attending Pilates classes at the age of 16, and has had a passion for this method of body conditioning ever since.

Before she moved to the UK, Jen was a swimming instructor for young children. When she moved to the UK she decided to further pursue her love of Pilates and so completed her diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology. She subsequently qualified as a matwork based Pilates instructor with Future Fit and has been teaching for Jessica Pilates ever since.

Jen is a bubbly young lady with lots of energy. Her love for Pilates is evident in her teaching, which encourages her clients to work hard whilst having fun. Jen’s keen thirst for knowledge means she’s always undergoing continued professional development to improve her teaching, as well as her ability to help her client’s achieve their goals in health and fitness.

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