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Find out what our clients have to say about Jessica Pilates

“Previous to attending Jess Curnier’s Pilates classes, I had done Pilates for 5 years and had a good teacher during this time. Within a few weeks of Jess’ classes I discovered what a difference a brilliant teacher can make: Jess is an exceptional Pilates teacher – she has taken me further in 6 weeks than I had managed in 5 years – and that is truly remarkable. As someone with spinal injuries, I have been amazed at how she has helped me to improve my posture, flexibility and sense of overall well-being without ever straining any muscles or stressing any joints. I would not hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone and everyone – whatever their level of fitness or experience of Pilates.”
Dr Louise Dunne, Onslow Village, Guildford

“I have done Pilates with many different instructors over the years and Jess is definitely one of the best! Her classes are well planned and structured with a good variety of enjoyable activities. No two classes are ever the same, so there is no danger of getting bored. She closely monitors all class members, helping each individual to make any necessary adjustments in a discrete and encouraging manner.”
Ann Griffiths, Virgin Active, Guildford

“I took up Pilates as a complete novice following a hysterectomy. From initial contact I found Jess very professional and friendly in her approach. It reassured me that she was able to organise and manage a class. However, more importantly, this showed in the way she runs her classes. Jess explains every move clearly and then helps each class member in turn to perfect their posture to reach their full potential and does so without making you feel uncomfortable. So for a complete novice, Jess makes Pilates very enjoyable.”
Melanie Williams, Worplesdon

“I find the sessions a thorough workout from the first to the last minute of each hour. The lessons are very well planned, Jess’ explanations are informative and the exercises she teaches always vary from one week to the next. Those occasions where Jess has introduced apparatus / equipment to the class have been a positive addition. Groups are small and Jess is able to give everyone her attention, offering praise and advice where needed. I really feel that I am making more progress under Jess’ instruction compared to previous classes I have attended. I don’t miss the music or long breathing exercises at all and I have more of an understanding of the reasoning behind the exercises. Thank you.”
Joanne Miethke, Normandy

“This is my first experience of Pilates and I’m enjoying it very much. Not only does it help strengthen the core muscles of my body, it also gives me a feeling of relaxation during the lesson and afterwards. I’ve struggled with lower back pain on and off for years and Jessica Pilates is really helping to strengthen this area and stop my back problems. Jess runs the classes confidently and in a calm manner and gently helps you to improve. I would recommend Jessica Pilates to anyone.”
Helen Beckett, West Horsley

“I thoroughly recommend Jessica Pilates.”
Pamela Holt, West Horsley

“I started Pilates for the first time almost 4 years ago and Jess has been our group teacher for 9 months. I cannot express enough what a highly professional teacher she is. Not only does she exude a passion for Pilates but she has an incredible talent to instil that passion in her clients. The way she descriptively talks through and demonstrates each exercise is superb. She has certainly helped to make me realise that I can be confident and push my body that little bit harder. Her classes, despite the hard work, always leave me feeling well stretched, fully exercised and terrific. Pilates is so good for the mind as well as the body, and Jess certainly makes that happen!!”
Eileen Lavan, Bookham

“Jess is a highly professional and engaging Pilates teacher. Her attention to detail and consideration of my specific requirements has given me a huge boost in physical well being and overall confidence.”
Janet Lee, Dunsfold