Online Video Forum

Online Video Forum

Is this you?

You either love Pilates or you’ve been told that Pilates would be an ideal form of exercise for you to do to keep you active, energised, younger, looser, fitter and pain free. However, you simply don’t have the time or a regular weekly schedule to commit to group classes. You’re keen to gain all the benefits Pilates has to offer but would prefer to practise it from the comfort of your own home, as and when you can fit it in around your busy lifestyle. This said, you’re concerned that you might not gain as much from practising at home because you won’t know whether you’re performing the exercises correctly and you won’t have an instructor by your side to offer hands on alterations.

Alternatively, you currently attend weekly classes and are keen to compliment these with home practise in order to see and feel results faster. You’re keen to improve and progress quicker than is possible from attending just one session a week. Throughout the week, you also want to maintain the flexibility, strength, tone and sense of relaxation and energy gained from your group classes. Again, you consider it important that you perform all exercises as correctly as possible in order to gain their true benefit as well as reduce the risk of injury.

How can our online video forum help you?

If you sign up to our online video forum, you’ll have access to hundreds of Pilates videos, which you can practise from the comfort of your home as and when it suits you. This means that you’re not restricted to abiding by our class schedule, which may not be convenient for you in terms of day, time or location. The exercise videos we offer have been divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced level sections, making them accessible to all. All the videos focus on precision of movement and performing the exercises safely, allowing you to have confidence that you’re doing the exercises correctly and are therefore less likely to hurt yourself. This is also hugely important in terms of gaining the utmost benefit from the exercises as they can sometimes do more harm than good if not performed correctly.

If you’re a current client at Jessica Pilates and you sign up to our online forum of videos, you can benefit from our bespoke app. This allows your instructor to select certain exercises and create unique routines tailored specifically to you and your needs. As a result, you can go home and practise the exercises that your instructor considers will to be of most benefit to you in helping you achieve your individual goals in health and fitness. Instructors can change these combinations of exercises upon request to avoid you getting bored and to ensure that you’re continuously improving and progressing towards achieving those great results. If, at any point, you’re not sure you’re managing to master one of the online video exercises, you can always go back to your instructor in class and ask them to check that you’re performing the exercise/s correctly. Here again your teacher will be able to offer you any guidance or hands on correction they consider appropriate.

If you’re not currently a client at Jessica Pilates and either live too far away to attend one of our group classes or just want the freedom to exercise when it’s convenient for you, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP with more information about how we can offer you the most personalised service.

If you like the sound of our ‘Individually Tailored Exercise at Home without Risk of Injury’ workouts, or just want the freedom to exercise when it’s convenient for you, please complete the form below.