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Jess Curnier

Jess Curnier

Jess came to practise Pilates as a result of an injury to her lower back, which she sustained during her BA Honours degree in Dance Studies with Biology. As an active young lady, who had danced from a young age, Jess’ injury meant that she had to completely modify her lifestyle. She tried many remedies to cure her back pain but found Pilates so helpful and enjoyable that it inspired her to share the benefits with others and spurred her on to become a Pilates coach. Having suffered from dance related injuries for many years, Jess understands first-hand the value and potential Pilates can play in healing, rehabilitation and body strengthening. Only through Pilates is Jess now able to manage her back pain, which has allowed her to resume a more dynamic lifestyle.

Jess trained under the world famous “undisputed First Lady of Pilates” Lynne Robinson. Body Control Pilates is internationally renowned as a leading body in Pilates teacher training. The organisation is reputed for the way in which it trains teachers to break down and adapt the exercises of the ‘classical’ mat series, created by Joseph Pilates, in a way that is accessible to all. Clients can therefore enjoy the benefits of Pilates within the realms of a safe and challenging workout. Teachers that train under the Body Control Pilates Method have the versatility to tailor their classes to meet the needs of every individual, from the first time exerciser to the most elite of athletes.

Jess’ classes focus on the eight principles of Body Control Pilates:


With Body Control Pilates, Jess is continually undertaking training to update her knowledge and learn new developments in the field.

Jess is young, friendly, bubbly and full of life. Her Dance degree from Roehampton University has given her a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology, the body in movement and the requirements for optimal performance. This proves an asset to her teaching and helps to make her classes dynamic, accessible, interactive and fun. You will leave having learnt to use muscles you did not even realise you had!


Nikki Hey

Nikki Hey profile image

Nikki Hey is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor from Johannesburg. She has been teaching Pilates for many years. When she lived in South Africa, her main focus was teaching private sessions from her home studio. Since moving to the UK in early 2016, she has started teaching a large number of group classes including 2 for Jessica Pilates in Frimley on a Monday morning.

Nikki came from a very active and sporting family and background. Her parents were sports people and her eldest sister a professional ballet dancer. Nikki did everything from gymnastics to cricket but had a true passion for running/sprinting. Unfortunately this led to a recurring knee injury, which is what led her to Pilates. Nikki was amazed at how beneficial she found Pilates to be, not only for her knee but also her entire body!

Nikki has a true passion for helping people out of pain. She is a lively and vibrant character who makes her classes both challenging and fun. With a lot of experience in 1:1 work, she has a keen eye for detail and is very hands on to ensure that everyone in her classes is performing the exercises correctly. Nikki's witty humour certainly adds to her abdominal workouts!


Jenny Holtzhausen

Jenny Holtzhausen Pilates Instructor

Jenny, also from South Africa, has always led a very active lifestyle and was involved in swimming and hockey at school. She began attending Pilates classes at the age of 16, and has had a passion for this method of body conditioning ever since.

Before she moved to the UK, Jenny was a swimming instructor for young children. When she moved to the UK she decided to further pursue her love of Pilates and so completed her diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology. She subsequently qualified as a matwork based Pilates instructor and is now teaching a Pilates class in Guildford for Jessica Pilates on a Tuesday evening.

Jenny is a bubbly young lady with lots of energy. Her love for Pilates is evident in her teaching, which encourages her clients to work hard whilst having fun. Whilst working at Jessica Pilates, Jenny is keen to undergo continued professional development in order to further her knowledge and expertise.


Sonia Fergusson

Jess Curnier

Sonia was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she was an active sportswoman, competing in both swimming and gymnastics. She started to teach gymnastics from a young age and continued teaching in both Qatar and the UK.

Sonia’s passion for Pilates began when she spent many hours working in a Yoga/Pilates studio in Qatar. She then went on to qualify as a Stott Mat Instructor. Sonia holds a certificate in Level 2 Exercise to Music as well as a Pure Stretch qualification, and has attended numerous courses and workshops including Zenga Instructor Foundation, Pilates EV0 Foundation and an Abdominal Evolution workshop.

Sonia is passionate about people and works closely with the elderly and the disabled. Her passion and zest for life continuously shine through in her personality and her sense of humour makes any class an exciting and exhilarating experience.


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